Japan Fest!

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Today I went to the Japan charity fiesta with CF, WJ, Jas, Jan, Iv, Og and Nic. We went to Nikko Hotel at 11am and there were a lot of people, mostly non-Japs.

Photos as usual :

There was a Y o k o m o n Ice cream booth!
But it's the same price with the one in Pyramid.

We also ate some sushis....
Sushi Sushi, Su + Shi = SuShi

and then I saw this...!
I was so excited, YoYoGame wei!

It was actually a game for the kiddos to hook the balloon yo-yos out from the water.

Instead I went for another game, the Wanage game. I managed to win a Japan Airline JAL 747 with some super funky lights on it. Damn happy lor. =)

To be continued, who knows when... hahaha

Thank you for reading.