Instant noodles!

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Eating instant noodles when you're in a competition?
You will not have much time to figure out what to eat especially at night, so instant noodle is your friend. 5 mins of slurrppp and you're done!

Thanks to Shakeel who brought 2 packets of 6 mini instant noodles.

Here's a photo of my instant noodles. Not good for health, but it's easy to eat. So who cares! hahaha

Moonlight's awesome wikid yabai yoyo display bag.
He brought this on stage too, damn nice!
Made in Taiwan!

Qing Wen's Holga Lomo camera.
Damn old school.

I'm on stage! This is Day 1 of AP, my 2nd day in SG. 1 min preliminaries for 5A freehand division and I was so happy because I qualified. Didn't expect that results though, because I was concentrating more on my 4A offstring division which I was already seeded straight to the finals.

Hey you, be happy.


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