DETV performance

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Just came back from The Mines Shopping Centre, it was packed! Packed until don't know how to say, 10x exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!! There was a really really big chinese book fair there and so a really huge crowd. I went there not for the books, but to perform. haha.

Performed at the DETV booth which will be the presenter for the Blazing Teens yoyo drama. A non-paid performance. A total of 3 performance at 2.30, 4.30 and 6.30pm. 5 performers. Smallest stage I've ever performed.

Photos taken with 100% stock Alpha 200. No external flash/grip/lens.
Some even in Auto Mode, for my friends.

Book fair. Do you?

It's me.
Doing Offstring.

Huge crowd.

Future yoyo champion.

Malaysia YoYo Crew.
The performers for the day.

Thank you for reading.