Bukit Melawati

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A trip to Bukit Melawati with virtualmystic a month ago. The weather wasn't that good, it was drizzeling in the morning when we were heading down to Klang. We stopped by at a kopitiam for breakfast at around 8am, most of the shops were not open at that time.

I ordered Old school Milo O.

Then after the rain stops, we went up to Bukit Melawati to shoot some canons.
I didn't know that place existed. baaaaah.
The hill is facing the Strait of Malacca, that explains why the canons were all there.

I love this shot combining a tree and the blue skies.

Some green leafs.
Go green.

A fly, slightly OOF.
Using 55-200mm at F/8
I want macro lens can?

I want to watch Madagascar, watch with me pls!

Thank you for reading.