Sony Alpha Convention 2

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The 2nd day of Sony Alpha convention

Wow, there were so many people today.
The seminars were interesting, especially the Thinking Out of the box topic presented by Choen Lee. He gave us a lot of new ideas on how to shoot in a creative way. Damn nice!
Apart from that, Darren Chang and Ted Adnan also gave us a lot of tips on shooting Automotive and Portraiture photography. 2 thumbs up...

Love the displays.

300mm f2.8 - RM 25k, yes 25k.

Most Outstanding Participant? We'll see the who won the A900 tomorrow!

I only have 2 stickers. 
In order to win the A900, you have to get as many stickers as possible by asking questions during the seminars. It's not easy to ask a question yo.

See you tomorrow, Day 3.

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