People, lots of friends.

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Argh, I'm having a terrible sore throat now. T.T

This month's target :
Singapore trip, vertical grip for my Alpha, skinny jeans for the win, belt with a big buckel, new cardi, black army cap, and more tees! New stlye, wah have to spend a lot of $$$!


During the convention last weekend, I cam-whored lor. Normal right?

Here are the pics, may take you a while to load though..

#1 - Johnson and me!
#2 - Nic, Chloe, KJ, me, Jason and AhtSong!
#3 - HungWei and me!
#4 - Flysheep, Ahtsong and me!
#5 - ShunFa and me!
#6 - David, me and HocMun!
#7 - s3r and me!
#8 - Damien, me, HungWei and Smashpop!
(using 11-18mm ultra wide angle lens, good for camwhoring eh.)
$9 - Chad and me!
#10 - Jason and me!

yamseng, damn nice!

Group photo before we leave the restaurant.

Huge crowd, alphanatics! Spot me can?

Thank you for reading.