My α Journey - Part 5, Going Beyond expectation

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Sony Alpha Convention
10th, 11th, 12th October 2008
Le Meridian Hotel

Going Beyond Expectation

This will be the 5th post for my Sony Alpha Journey blog posts. It has been a great time blogging about my experience and my journey with the Sony Alpha. I feel proud sharing my stories together with the journey I have gone through with this camera.

Sony Alpha Convention will be held in Le Meridien Hotel this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am very lucky to get a spot in the convention, it's like getting a free ticket to the World Cup. 399 people will be joining me as well and I am really hoping to meet as many new friends as possible. It will definitely be an awesome event, an event not to be missed by all alphanatics.

Do come back to my blog next time, I have loads of pictures yet to be shown. I love the way of sharing my pictures with others through blogging, I find it useful for others to learn as well as to enjoy themselves browsing through blogs.

I will show you a few more pictures that I took with my Sony Alpha 200. Way back before I have a camera, I have never enjoyed looking at the blue sky. Until I got my Sony Alpha, things changed and I am always looking forward to see blue skies. I love capturing the blue skies more than ever because it really shows the peaceful side of the world. I hope that we will have less polution in the city and more beautiful skies.

Sometimes capturing an image is better than what I actually see. I enjoyed more by looking at this picture and it made my trip to Pulau Langkawi memoroble and unforgettable.

This picture was taken in Tanjung Karang. 

Sekinchan, one of the rice bowl of Malaysia. Eventhough the padi fields were not fully grown, we still like to admire the beautiful side, just like the Sony Alpha. 

I love my Sony Alpha to all bits, wearing an orange Alpha shirt.. Alpha I shouted..

I am really looking forward to the convention tomorrow. It will be fantastic if I could win something and I would also like to remind everyone who wants to go into the photography world that "you will never regret if you get the Sony Alpha dSLR". I am glad that I have chosen such a wonderful camera and also inspired a few friends into the Sony Alpha world. I can assure you that they will always remember my good deed and friendship.

A sunset not to be forgotten in a place where I first learned how fun photography is all about. KJ was there as well to teach me the basics when I first started. It was indeed very kind of him to introduce me to the real photography world.

I am an Alpha, are you?

See you in the Convention!Cheers.

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