My α Journey - Part 4, World of models

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Sony Alpha Convention

10th, 11th, 12th October 2008
Le Meridian Hotel

My journey into the world of model photography

Let's continue my journey with Sony Alpha. For many photographers, shooting a model is not an easy task. By looking at your photos, people will be able to judge you. I have always admired those photographers that put in all their efforts capturing astonishing images of celebrities. The quality of the image they produced is facinating, of course with their wide experience and skillful knowledge.

There is always a first time for everyone. I applied the knowledge that I have learned in the seminar few months ago into my artwork. Ted Adnan, an expert in portraiture photography mentioned a few do's and don'ts during the seminar and I am very happy with the results I got although it was my first few tries. Without the seminar, I would not have done it better. What I did was, I called up a few friends of mine to be my model. I am new as far as photography is concerned, I need to learn, and so I did. With the Sony Alpha, learning is easy. Here are some of the portrait shots that I'm satisfied with. 





Thanks for letting me experience shooting a model.
Without you guys, I won't be what I am today.
I will continue my journey capturing different portrait styles in the future.

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