My α Journey - Part 3, Friendship Camaraderie

Sony Alpha Convention
10th, 11th, 12th October 2008
Le Meridian Hotel

Friendship Camaraderie

One of the advantages of using a Sony Alpha is having the priviledge to attend various seminars, workshops, outings and even a convention. This is an opportunity not to be missed for all avid photographers, it is also a stepping stone for all the new comers like me. I am very satisfied with how Sony had worked things out in helping the new generation of photographers. I am also pleased to say that I have gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the photography aspect by attending various workshops and seminars organised by Sony Alpha.

Apart from that, I have met a lot of new friends with the same passion as me and this create a better and easier platform for me to improve my artwork. Friends like Albert, KJ, Jason, Templar, Ted Adnan, Darren, George and many others have made me what I am today. They are the people who inspires me into photography, especially with the Sony Alpha.

Let some pictures do the talking.

This picture was taken a few months back when I just bought my Alpha200.
We were doing a nightscape shooting in Putrajaya, the feeling was overwhelming.

This picture was taken in the Sony Alpha Seminar recently, it is definitely the best seminar I have ever attended. Not forgetting the freebies that were given out which is priceless.

This was my first official photography outing with the Alphanatics.
It was taken in Sg. Congkak and we had a wonderful experience, a big thanks to our instructors.

and last but not least, some of my friends whom I have met in the photography world.
My sincere appreciation also goes to those whom I have missed out.

Thank you so much to everyone, for making photography a fantastic hobby for me.

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