My α Journey - The beginning

Sony Alpha Convention
10th, 11th, 12th October 2008
Le Meridian Hotel

How it all started?

Few years ago, I started taking photographs with a normal point and shoot camera just like everyone does. I moved on to a Prosumer camera to learn what photography is really all about, but it has it's own limitation until a certain extent. Few months went by, I got really hooked into photography and decides to upgrade to a better camera. It was that time the journey begins with an Alpha.

I bought my Alpha 200 when it was first released in Malaysia in February 2008. I also remembered that I was the first few people in Malaysia to grab this wonderful and amazing camera. It was my friend Wong KJ that taught me basics of dSLR photography. He is now using an Alpha 700, an awesome dSLR as well. I am glad to have a friend like him who taught and lead me into the photography world.

There were many models of dSLR to choose from, but I opted for the Sony Alpha.

I chose the Sony Alpha.
Truly images like no other.

A happy and satisfied Sony Alpha user.Once an Alpha, always an Alpha.

It was also the election period, people were voting for different parties and I proudly voted for the Sony Alpha.

and a few months later, they won the battle.
They became one of the best seller for the entry level dSLR, it was truly a dream come true.

and so...

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Thank you for reading.