2 days 2 days

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It is getting more intense now, 2 days to AP AP AP.
Some players have arrived in SG, I'm still here.
Stressed up, packing stuffs, deciding what yoyo to use, freestyle songs to be burned, etc etc.

and then I have a presentation tomorrow!

I want to practice more, I am aiming for Top 5 but I doubt I could. It would be a perfect early birthday present for me if I could.. hehe..

Should I schedule some blog posts for you guys to read? hmmmm, maybe I should. So many things to do, so little time..

Superman, I want to be!

Oh ya, I was invited to the Team Offstring Superheroes few days back. Damn happy, this is a super geng chao worldwide team. Thanks to Fajar, the super leader for the team.

Check out this link, must see! gogogo. click


Thank you for reading.