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Have you ever locked your own car keys inside your car?

Make sense? 
Well I did.

It all started when I was having a COD session with a friend in Puchong at around 9.30pm. I was not driving my car, took my dad's car instead. Everything was smooth until I went out of the car to get something from the boot. I closed the door without knowing that the keys were still inside. After taking the stuffs out from the boot, closed the boot and only I realised that I've just locked up everything. It was not my car so I didn't know there was a special locking system. And apparently, the engine, air cond, radio were all ON. 

so how?

No spare keys, all the doors were locked including the boot.
It's 9.40pm in Puchong, very little people around.

Called my mum.

Told her to come with the spare keys, kinda troublesome for her to come all the way to Puchong just to pass me the keys. But no choice right?

Waited for 35 mins... Engine still running by the way.

When she arrives, O.O'
GG    O.O'

Guess what?

She forgot to bring the keys. It was in a rush, she was cooking, I was telling her this that this that. Can't blame anyone.
So I took over her car and shoot all the way back home.

The engine was still running.

Took me 15mins to reach home, super fast okaay. Took me another 20mins to shoot back to Puchong. By the time I reach Puchong, the windows were all blured due to the fact that the air cond was on for the past 1 and a half hours. Opened all doors, shut the engine and let the air out.

That's all.

It's 11.45pm now.
No picture for today.

baaaah. I've learned my lesson, I'm smarter now.

Thank you for reading.