Home Alone

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Yes I'm all alone for about a week.
Parents in Brisbane, sister in Singapore, and I'm in Malaysia.
Semangat patriotism, Happy 51st National day....

ya right.

Just a brief through of what I did in the last 24 hours.
I attended Alfred's wedding in Saloma KL last night
Came back at around 12. Cleared some stuffs in my room, arranged my 350-ish yoyo collections.
Blogged and slept at 3am. 

Woke up at 11am, went for a swim.
Had my lunch in Fullhouse NZX with some old friends.
Came home at 5pm, studied till I slept, woke up at 8.30pm.

So what's for dinner?
Glanced at the Ramlee burger store outside, it was not open. damn...
Nowadays burger sellers are not as hardworking as those times.
A slight drizzle only maaaaa.
As I was also lazy to go out, I ended up cooking all by myself.
Had sausages, eggs, magee and crabs. No not crabs, crab meats/sticks...
Took me 30 mins to cook, 5 mins to eat, and 15 mins to wash.


it's not easy to cook, so love your mom.


Thank you for reading.