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I'm feeling lomo now.

I was thinking of getting a fisheye lomo cam.
who wants to play with me?
It's not that expensive, just that you will have to buy 35mm films.

Nowadays in the digital world, developing photos are not the in-thing.
Even if there are people developing them, they would choose their best pictures.
No more sentimental values, where are the candid moments?

With the use of films, you develop every single picture!
whether you like it or not. haha. Go home, see your old photos taken with those film cameras.
Isn't it nice?

hahaha, think about it.
I'm thinking about it too, whether I should get 1 or not.

Give you some lomo effect now.
A day in college with a camera. 

A hot lomo day under the propeller engine.

Why are you still playing dSLR? It's outdated, lets FILM.
That's Keith by the way, another new Sony user.
hahahaha. kena poisoned..

A day in the library with Johnson.
Another Sony user. LOL

Let me think about it. haha


Thank you for reading.