Bangsar Ramadan Bazaar

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Went out to Bangsar with the clique today, main purpose was to hang out before Hannah leaves for UK again. First up, they went to pluck their eyebrows and I was there snapping the lady plucking their eyebrows. I wanted to shop for some skinny/straight jeans but those shops were not attractive. Headed over to Bangsar Village for the air-cond, came out and headed straight to the Ramadhan Bazaar. Main thing was to see the bazaar in Bangsar, so called a higher class bazaar. It was same to me, food was nothing special as I've been eating those type of food everyday for the past 3 years in mas/metc. But to them, its special laah.. haha. and the bazaar is similar to the one in kelana jaya. Bought murtabak and cendol for my "buka puasa" though.. hahaha. Took some pictures with my new telephoto lens! To all muslims : Selamat berpuasa.

Let's see some pictures...

Murtabak Pak DIN!

Not bad siaa his murtabak.

Blue Rice! Nasi Biru!

Red-ish fried popiah.

Roti John.
Hannah was like what's roti john?
That guy answered : The bread made by John.

Cendol, damn sweet sia

Prison Break season 4 out now!
Can't wait to watch it.
Need to study more.
Need inspiration..

Thank you for reading.