Yo-Yo is my life.

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Today is the World Yo-Yo Championship, it is held in Orlando every year.
Really hope to compete in it one day..
Takuma Yamamoto beat Shinji Saito in 2A wei!
That's like waaaaaah, beating the 6 times world champion..
Kinda sad for Aik Hwee, flew all the way there and just before the competition, he dislocated his knee cap. What a waste. Or else he could be World Champion.
Get well soon Aik Hwee...

2pm - Had a meeting regarding our Malaysia Nationals Open.
Great effort from the committee especially Dimi Kong and Raymond.
It's in 3 weeks time! Have to practice hard now.
Let's see, some history on my yoyo path.

Invited to the Malaysian YoYo Team in 2005
Finalist for Nationals 2005
2nd in Nationals 2006 4A
2nd in Nationals 2007 4A
2nd in Nationals 2007 2A
2nd in Nationals 2007 5A
2nd in Auldey China Asia Pacific 2008 4A


Some pictures during late training, around 6pm.
Photo by Nadzeri.

2 yoyos - 2A division.

Silhouette shot..

Flying yoyo - 4A division - Yo-Yo not attached to the string.
Shakeel and me on the Hayabusa.

The cloud is so blueeeeeeeeee..
Me doing the whip catch...

8pm - went for a haircut. mohawk.
9pm - back home...

later 12am to 2am - training. hehe..

Thank you for reading.