MYYC 10 days

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Yes, the 4th Malaysian YoYo Championship is in 10 days time.
Please do come and support the event.
I will be competing too. Wish me luck.

Please lock up your dates, it's on the 23rd and 24th of August.  
Berjaya Time Square, 3rd floor central stage.



Remember to watch Wall.E.
The movie was amazing, can say that it's the best movie I've watched this year.Overall 10/10   -   A ++
Maybe I've over rated it, but I really like the movie.
Very touching and romantic.
The best thing is, there were so little dialogues.
You'll only be hearing Waaaaaall-eee... Evveee-aa..
Definitely a must watch movie of the year!

Best Pixar film.

Seriously go watch it as soon as possible.
Thanks to advertlets for the wonderful movie screening 3 days before the actual release date.

watch it in the cinema, no downloading please!. haha

Thank you for reading.