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Let's continue the shots from the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008.
The weather was fine on that day, perfect wind and we found a suitable place to set up our tripods. There were so many people on the last day, it's the finals and it's a friday night, what do you expect.?

Again, it's my first time shooting, didn't have any shutter release cable with me.
Have to result on a 2 seconds timer which delayed 2 precious seconds of my long exposure.

Will definitely equip myself well next year.
A better and more stabil tripod as well.

Let's see the results

I like this the most, colour varieties.


Simple yet interesting


p/s virtualmystic and tzewen, I thought I should be the last one posting the pictures?
Ended up me being the first one to post all. 

That's all. What's next?

Thank you for reading.