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Aiyaah, all those YoYo Championships pictures are not here yet.
Waiting for them to upload....
Anyway, my friend Keith bought his Alpha 200 yesterday in 1utama!
Accompanied him there to test it and taught him some basic stuffs.
It's only RM 1.7k - single lens, 4gb CF, tripod, bag, vest, watch, etc etc.

Lots of free gifts. Damn worth the price, it's a Sony.

So far 5 people have followed me into the Sony Alpha Photography world,
and I have to say that you guys will not regret buying them.

Sony, the choice of Champions.

in the mean time, I'll show you some medals.
hehe, not showing off k. Just that I really wanna post something on yoyos.
and I'm still waiting for the pictures....

Here it is, the medals that I've won during the Nationals 2008

and some wikid rare patches. awesome..

will be pretty busy these few days,
Fireworks shooting, Jungle tracking, Merdeka Countdown, yumcha sessions that I've turned down for xxx times, yoyo performances, catch up with the gang, wedding dinner, practice for regionals championship,

and the most important, I need to start studying for Module 3 - Generators, RCL circuits, Motors, etc etc. And there will be an oral test on Hydraulics. aaah... 

Thank you for reading.