Look Out Point

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This is an outdated post.

Went to Look Out Point exactly a month ago with a couple of friends.
Took our dinner as well in Gasoline Restaurant.
The environment was very cool up there, happening yet peaceful. hahaaa

The thing about this trip was, I forgot to bring my 4 AA batteries for my external flash.
Messed up! wasted, no choice had to use the body flash instead. aaaaah!!!

Here are the pictures,
No picture of the city view because I've posted it before. hehe


The gang @ LOP - Jas Jan Han Me

WeiJheng Lawrence and me!

Yung Ling, Choong Fu and me...

Look at the bokeh behind. Damn nice..
Will bring the Heart Shape Bokeh Filter next time if I'm going up again.!

and all of us!

Thank you for reading.