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Sorry for the lack of updates/pictures. I have been busy for the past 3 days, it was the 4th National YoYo Open.

To sum it all up, I won in the Offstring Division. Yes first place, first time. I'm so happy.
It's really hard to win when you have strong opponent like Raymond and Jazli, their freestyles were awesome, pretty clean overall. And obviously there were other competitor like Aliff from Malacca which improved tremendously in his technical offstring freestyle with a flying panda. Damn scary at first when he finished his freestyle.

The finalists for the Offstring division
(FYI Offstring division is a different yoyo style of play where the yoyo is not attached to the string)

1 Ewin Ee (Petaling Jaya) 80.00
2 Raymond Thian (Kuala Lumpur) 71.80
3 Jazli Iqbal (Petaling Jaya) 58.10
4 Nik Daniel (Kuala Lumpur) 31.08
5 Ahmad Alif (Malacca) 27.09
6 Shakeel (Ampang) 24.81
7 Wong KJ (Ampang) 18.09
8 Haffez (Johor) 12.33

Besides winning the gold medal for the Offstring division, I was lucky enough on the double hand division as well as the freehand division, took home 2 bronze medals too, hehe.

Apart from that, there were new faces in the yoyoing community. People like Oscar started playing in just a few months yet he managed to get into the single hand division finals. Azmi from Kedah was also a big shock to everyone taking 4th in it, must be having some underground training in Kedah. Congratz to all other winners.

also, big thanks to Honvee, Faeez and KJ for being the yoyo cameraman through out the whole event. I did not bring my camera, too many things to bring during the competition. I'll upload the pictures as soon as I get them.

Very tired now, I have to regain my sleep deficit. Went to the event area in Time Square to help out the setting up on Friday, came back at 4.30am. On Saturday, I was there from 10am to 9pm. and again on Sunday, spent 14 hours there, 10am to 12am. siaoness....

Parking was a bomb, total damage for 3 days - RM 30.
Petrol also cost me a bomb, 150km total.

Big thanks to the Singaporeans who came over to support the event too.
People like Colin, Iskandar, QingWen, JunJie, Ian and Melvin.
It would not be as fun as it was without you guys.!
Sorry about Colin's big haversack though, got stolen in Starbucks near to GSC.
Imagine people can steal the 70 litre bag which was right beside us when we were having our discussion and we didn't even notice it until the very end. Really sorry about it, I was quite near to the bag and yet I didn't even notice it being dragged away.
omg. A really bad impression for Malaysia. Haih....

Bad people Bad karma.
Ok, bad things go away.

So I'll be competing in the Asia Pacific YoYo Competition in November.
It will be held in Singapore this time!
It would be my first time getting seed in the finals representing Malaysia!
haha so happy, first time mar....

Last but not least, thanks to Kong Ray Dimi and all other committees for making this event a success!

Thank you for reading.