7 more days.

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It's 7 more days till the real competition.
I'm really nervous. Hope I will do good on that day.

Woke up at 7am, went to METC for activities and took time off at 11am.

Went to Inti College for a yoyo performance.

Performance started at 1pm. sooo late....
2pm -Lunch in Asia Cafe.
2.30pm - Headed to Dimi's house for practice.
5pm - Decided to go to Sunway Pyramid, more yoyo playing.
9.30pm - Home. more yoyo.
12am - now blogging.

Performing in Inti College
Performance was not good due to strong wind -outdoor, offstring-light yoyos.

Oh and Ryan came down from Kuching, he's here for the Nationals next week.
Good luck bro. From top left, Faeez-Faris-Ryan-WooiMing-Ewin-Jonathan

Thank you for reading.