Odori's food

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Oh ya, did I tell you that I bought a stofen diffuser? haha
Bought that Plastic thingy for RM40.
If you see the picture, you'll definitely go woahhh wahlao. RM0.40 plastic, why buy it for RM40?


Today I did overtime! No pay overtime from 4.30pm to 7.30pm!
Total hours 7am to 7.30pm = 12 hours on the aircraft! Can reach UK liao.
Got some knowledge about the cockpit. worth it laaah


Let you taste some Japanese food!
Pictures taken in Bon Odori festival last week.

Japanese Squid Satay.. eh isn't that HsuZhen behind? lol

This is my favourite man!
RM 6 green tea ice cream with bun.
Definitely worth your 6 bucks.
Damnnnnn nice.... where can I get one outside..?

Let's look inside!.....

Thank you for reading.