Cheer 2008 1

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Part 1

Felt like posting pictures from Cheer 2008.

Went to Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium yesterday for the National Cheerleading competition.
It was packed, noise decibal definitely above 150dBA lol. Everyone was cheering, shouting all way out.

The Stunners All-Boys from SM Sri KDU got 3rd. Boys are overtaking... wooohooo

Last year defending champion Dynamitez from SMKDJ was great, but they ended up 2nd.

Shirtliff from SMKSBU was even better.
They won 3 different awards. Champion, showmanship and merit.

Each of them got a full scholarship from SEGi University College. wow

Massive crowd.

Boom. Supporters from Xavier.

Getting ready...

Jien was the MC .

and a girl from Vulcanz.

more pictures in Part 2

Thank you for reading.