Cameron Highlands 4

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Last Part

After that, we decided to go to the tea plantation. It was our last stop.
Driving through the 1 lane tea plantation road is not an easy task yo.
Have to honk when you reach every single junction.
It's damn scary, not advisable for P drivers. lol

Stop by at the side and we took some pictures!
The tea plantation!
What's with Heineken.?

lol. It was in the car so we decided to pose with it.. wooohooo
Didn't go all the way into the plantation, it was kinda late already.

I bought some strawberries too...
waaah. very red-ish..

Cam-whored in the car.
They were boring during the journey back, so they took out my dSLR and fired more than 20 shots. omg...
and I was driving damn fast that time..

eh tudung boy.

that's all for Cameron Highlands Day Trip!

Thank you for reading.