Cameron Highlands 3

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Part 3   

ahh crap photobucket, uploading 5 pictures took me 2.5 hours.     

After visiting the Rose Valley, we went for makan.
There were actually moreeeee roses pictures, but I think boring edi right? lol

so let's go see cactus!

wah very sharp ..

Then we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.
If I'm not mistaken, it was in Brinchang. haha

My lunch

Saw this along the road, still can't figure it out what is it.
some balls..


After lunch, we went to the strawberry farm.
Thought of plucking some, but it was closed!
arghhh. damn
But I managed to get this shot!


Then I saw this holy-awesome-wahlao-flower.
It was alone!
1 in a million..

=) you

Thank you for reading.