Cameron Highlands 1

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Part 1.

A month ago, when I was having my holidays, I made a day trip to Cameron Highlands with the gang. It was very fun. Left here at 7am and came back at 10pm! A short yet interesting trip.

No joke man driving up the hills ..

As usual, I took tonnes of photos. Damn a lot can?
Especially the flowers. 1GB of flowers. Won't be going for flowers shooting anytime soon. haha

First stop will be the hydroponic garden.
So many vegetables..
and very cheap!

Love this picture the MOST!
Sony Alpha rox! 100% original, except for the borders and watermark.

The gang. Jas.
What was I doing? lol

The other gang. Jan

Some lonely injured flower. But still shines among others.

Wah, very Pinky. It's a daisy.

Thank you for reading.