Window Shopping.

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I've watched 21 and The Incredible Hulk.
Both are worth to watch! nice nice.

I actually called 17 people to watch The Incredible Hulk because I have an extra movie ticket.
All rejected. wtfbbq123abcicekacang. Ended up watching alone. walao eh.
Let me initial them haha
V, J, J, J, J, K, K, C, C, C, H, E, E, W, W, Z, D,
You know who you are! lol.

AMBP smashin gathering was great.
I had fun. Met lots of people.

Went out with Jas few days ago, she wanted to get some new tops.
So I accompanied her.
I did some window shopping photography. lol. Is there such thing? haha

in Promod.! haha

Tried out skinny pants from TopMan too.
Took the pic just like those in Karyn's blog.
haha gay or not? nice leh? haha

Thank you for reading.