Roxy Seventeen Summer Splash

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Part 1

This year's Seventeen Summer Splash was quite fun, filled with loads of activities and performances. But on the other hand, they gave out too many tickets until there were few thousands of sweaty people touching each other and trying to get in. It was really a big turn off. Poorly organised. Hope the organisers will improve on that. Most of my friends left the place because they were unable to get in. And I was unable to get out of that place, everyone's coming in. Left me alone there, luckily WenJie and Honvee were there with me the whole day.

Had fun climbing those gates at the entrance. lol
But didn't get those goodie bags.
Sorry Jan, and thanks for the tickets although you don't really need one to go in.

This is the side entrance, from the basement parking.
It is not the main entrance.
Just imagine the main entrance with twice the amount of people.
They were even queueing till the road in front of Sunway Hotel.

This is the side entrance from McD.
Can you spot yourself in the crowd?

Fiuhhhh, managed to get in, but once I'm in, it's the same!
Sardine packed!

Oh ya, loads of bikini babes.
This is just the teaser, from the back! haha.
Stay tuned for more...

Wen Jie and I. Will post up your favourite girl soon! haha

Managed to get in to the media area too! woot!
That's Jin and Liang from hitz fm.

One of the contestant from the Summer Hunks!

Part 2 next!

Thank you for reading.