Maju Junction

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2 weeks back, I did a YoYo Performance in Maju Junction Mall.
M-Yo Club was having a small contest and trainings over there,
and Colin came down all the way from Singapore to talk to us!

Thank You!

As usual, the crowd in MJ wasn't that many.
But, there were a few tourists and quite a number of police officers! haha

Me. Doing Offstring/4A. Credits to Honvee for the wonderful pictures!

Colin Wan from Singapore on double handed/2A

Throw Duncan!

The YoYo Gang!

Contest was great, lot's of new faces which is a good sign for the
yoyo scene in Malaysia!

Woot! Love the pictures I took yesterday!
Damn nice! haha, guess what I took?

........... 1 week holidays! yay...........

Thank you for reading.