Ampang Wedding Dinner

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OMG, I'm a blogger addict now.
Updating my blog every single day.
Attending as many bloggers gathering as possible. lol.

Will be going for advertlets movie screening! yay.

Anyway, I went to a wedding dinner few weeks ago in Ampang Waterfront.
It was an invitation from Alfred. Thank You!

Apparently it was his wife's cousin's sister's wedding,
and I was the photographer of the night.

Thanks to Albert for his awesome Sb-28, I managed to get some better pictures.
Still, it wasn't as good as it was. It was my first time doing wedding photography.

Got a small ang pao too from the bride groom. Thanks a lot man.

First batch of pictures : Portrait - Kids!

Hey! Smile! hehe..

wah very handsome!

Hello there...

haha she's cute!


Love kids.
Part 2 next!

Thank you for reading.