Titanium Club 2

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Next up will be the food we ordered in the club.

It's my first time eating dinner in a club with super loud trance music
at a super dark area. Even my camera sometimes failed to focus with Pre-TTL.
and in fact no one was eating except us!. haha

with RM 200, we ordered :

Squid ? (I really don't know the names, didn't care about it)

Sara's burger. (some special burger with special name)

Mei Wan's chocolate mud cake.

My RM 45 Salmon Fish.
Damn expensive can? so small eh?

There were a lot more, but it didn't turn up nice.

Overall not bad lah! nice experience!
Treated them a big dinner... haha

Self dSLR camwhore!
My hand damn tired, so heavy holding high up with 1 hand
Taken after the party!

p/s : Jenny, Vic -
this was the good deal I said few weeks ago. remember?

Thank you for reading.