Marie Digby

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Pictures taken using :

Sony Alpha 200 dSLR +
50mm f/1.7 with 2x tele converter = 100mm, f/3.5

Thanks Albert for the tele converter.


What are they looking at?.....That's Albert with his A700 Beercan

cheng cheng cheng...

It's Marie Digby! Live in Kuala Lumpur!

Her voice is awesome! Check out her famous youtube umbrella song.
She's pretty too...

But I arrived late, and got myself a bad spot.
Ended up at the 3rd floor! booooo
could have been better...

Marie Marie Marie !!  I shouted....

and she said : Hey cutie, come down here !

But I said never mind laaa.. hehehe

Marie's talented!

that's all from Marie Digby Live in KL

Thank you for reading.