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Ahh, last week I almost won myself an osim uRobic massage chair!
It retails at rm1388 ! What you have to do is to spend a minimum of rm50 in a single receipt in 1utama and register yourself for the osim-nintendo wii hula hoop game. Shake as much as you can, get as many rotation as possible in 1 minute. That's pretty simple right?

Over the 2 weeks, there were top 10 scores on the board. The highest score was 327, tried to break the record but ended up getting 2nd, 3rd and 4th place with the score 314, 320 and 323 on the last try! Damn frustrated man, 4 rotation behind or not I'll be rm1k richer (would have sold it if I win and make way for a new lens for my dSLR)

My attempt on breaking the record! shaking my arse ....
There were many people behind watching me breaking the record leh, hahaha

1st try. I don't think you can even get 250 - It's simple but hard to achieve.
Have been practicing a lot because I was performing for osim uYoYo on that particular weekend.

Thank you for reading.