Galley work

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Yesterday was my first day of 2nd internship with M A S.

Working in the hangar is much much tiring than studying in the class although you get to see sooooo many different types of aircrafts from different countries coming in for maintenance. 
See until boring! so sien man.....

This time, I was attached to the galley workshop together with 10 other trainees.
It was an experience where you get to feel how is it like to work under an enclosed environment with minimum ventilation while performing tasks such as reinforcing composites, overhauling the aircraft's restroom-lavatories. The worst thing is the air there, we have to wear protective mask because there were toxic MEK fumes in the workshop throughout the whole day.

Terrible smell**
I'll be there for 10 whooping days! omg

YaY, today I learnt how to open the lavatories (toilet) doors from the outside!
hahaha, secret code!


Part 2 of Sunway Bridal Fashion Show!
This time it is the wedding dresses!





No external flash le, sobz..I wanna get one!

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