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Appeared in tv last wednesday, it was a talent search program called AiyoH!

I was called up by the producer few months back, and she was very interested about my performance. Went for audition, got through, and I was called up for recording few weeks later in ntv7 shah alam.
They were all looking forward to my performance because I will be playing yoyo. But in the end, I did not win due to the fact that the person who beat me is a 10 y/o kid who plays drum.

kinda sad, because I felt that I did well.
and there was only 1 judge for the show.

This is a 10 minutes video, I was the first one to go on stage.
Watch it if you can!
The kid that plays drum is in part 2 of the video,
and part 3 is the announcement of the winner.

Ntv7 aiyoh part 2

Ntv7 aiyoh part 3 - Results

sobz, the producer said that I should win but it all boils down to the judge decision. oh well...


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