1u burger king alpha gathering

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Had a gathering with the Alpha members in 1utama, burger king.
basically we talked about dSLR's throughout the gathering, talked about latest lens, gadgets etc.
we even tried to "skodeng" haha.

Lets see :
here's a picture of me holding 2 wireless ttl external flash
flash triggered through wireless..

Albert Ng - sifu for Alpha dSLR, with him is his phoenix super tele photo lens
and a 2x tele converter = a whooping 1100 mm

skodeng what also can. Do you know where is he aiming at? haha

tshop zooming again with albert's super-tele-photo lens, this lens can zoom damn far.

That's me with Ian's 40d

Group shot with 2 flashes at the side.
There were like 10 more alpha users, some talking, some eating inside burger king.

bah that's all.

Thank you for reading.