Putrajaya 3

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Yeah so after setting up of the tripods, we started taking pictures.
First 100 shots were not that good as we were still trying up different ways to take the matrix style. But after 2 hours, it started to get better and by the time we get the hang of taking good pictures, people started calling telling us about the e l e c t i o n results! which was not a good thing since it was already 12am and we were told that there were even people fighting!

Conclusion : Matrix shoot out postponed! Took some group photos and chao!

This was taken using 1 wireless flash, Nic and I were jumping into a very big and deep hole.
Do not try this, it is super dangerous!

Group shot at the middle of a small roundabout!

Crazy group shot with many wireless flash around us!
Girl power! c h l o e with her alpha too!

Thank you for reading.