Putrajaya 2

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Hey, so after taking pictures from the lake, we went to
A l a m a n d a Shopping Mall
to meet up with the orange alpha gang.

After meeting up, we went around P u t r a j a y a to find for the best spot for the
matrix nightscape shoot.
Finally found a good small roundabout after 30mins driving in the same area.

Load our gears,

6 cars + 5 alpha 700 + 6 alpha 200 + 6 wireless flash + 8 tripods
+ G lens, 1100 mm lens, Zeiss lens etc etc

= Crazy million dollar worth of items

The mighty Alpha 700

The mini roundabout

Setting up the tripods using a hand phone and a lamp post! haha


to be continued !

Just came back from the nose. haha

Thank you for reading.