Osim 4

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Show time!

Day 1 - More to experimenting how our freestyle would suit the environment.
Didn't have PA system - no microphone, no speaker. nothing
(had to use KJ's Altec Lansing to hype up the performance)
Small crowd compared to day 2 because it was the election day.
But we managed to attract quite a number of people despite the fact that we do not have PA system around and it does plays a major role in all performance.

Wong KJ.

more and more people.
Spot the small speaker blasting my song in such a BIG mall. Ha-Ha

and 1 of my routine is to sit on the u Y o Y o - O s i m massage chair while looping.

Day 2 - Much better crowd as we have the PA system this time.!

top view.

Leg orbiting..

Overall I think it was a very good show, attracted a lot of people and that's the main objective.

to be continued..

Thank you for reading.