new dSLR

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Yesterday, I went to Sg Wang with WongKJ.
First up, picked him up at Asia Jaya and there was a terrible jam on federal highway, normal lah after work around 7pm - jammmm like nobody's business.

Reached at 8pm, went to McDonalds to pass my Lumix Fz18 to Alfred, he bought over my prosumer. It was only 3 months old, total warranty 5 years man. Will miss you Fz18.. ):

Sold off my prosumer because I kena poisoned by so many dSLR people. lol

Then we went searching around the complex for cameras, finally ended up in Boeing.
Settled with a Sony Alpha 200 with 18-70mm lens with no accessories!
Bought a 2gb 133x cf card from KJ.

After buying, went over to Old Town Kopitiam in LowYat for an Alpha's gathering at 10pm.
Met up with Albert, Mike, Ian, and Nic. All of them are hardcore Alpha users.

Fetch KJ to Cheras at 11pm and reached home at 11.30pm
bah, looong day...



Checking out my camera in Boeing


Testing it!


Proud owner of @200

Alpha gathering - check out all the dSLR and the lenses.
Total up can buy a car man.

Photo by Ian's i-phone


The lenses, small medium big.

Thank you for reading.