Happy Valentine's day

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Class finished at 5pm, went back home and took a shower before heading off to vic's place. Terrible jam in USJ as usual, left at 6pm and reached 1utama at 7.30pm. It's Wednesday, there were so many people lining up for movie tickets, luckily I bought the movie tickets online.

hehe GSC's E-ticketing is quite easy, you'll definitely get a good row.
Try it

Before the movie, we took our dinner at Dragon-i. The food was delicious and we ate super duper slow to make our money worth. haha

The famous Dragon-i siu long pao



After dinner, we went to the Rainforest for a walk.
we saw kuma haha :p


Anyway we watched Kungfu Dunk. It was her 2nd time, die hard Jay Chou's fan . Movie was great, I like the part where he slam dunk, damn cool the effects.


After the movie, we went back to USJ.
Instead of fetching vic back home , I joined in the surprise party for Karyn. The party was really fun but I went back early though, sorry have to wake up at 6am the next day.

Karyn, will see you again next time k. Thank you again to your mom for the angpao :p hehe

Happy Birthday Karyn

Photo grabbed from her blog (:

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