F r i e n d s T E R

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Went to try out the new F r i e n d s T E R Coffee in Sunway Pyramid.
I think this is a different outlet compared to the F r i e n d s t e r C a f e in Mutiara Damansara.
I ordered Super Burger, turns out to be a small R a m l e e burger alike with only a piece of cheese on top.
No chili sauce, no mayonnaise, Empty!
And it is very expensive, for this price you can go to C a r l s J r. and get a much bigger burger.
The good thing is the location is very strategic, right in front of the main entrance.
Great environment, big LCd screens, games, magazines, sofas

Look at the french fries, LmaO

**I'm bored of loneliness ):
I need someone.

Boring siaaa, staying at home on Saturday night. walan eh

Thank you for reading.