Aiyoh Audition!

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Took early time off from METC today to attend an audition.
Ntv7 Aiyoh game show invited me for the show, really hope I can win!
Recording is on the 12th of March, guess I have to take early time off again.
Anyone wanna come to support me?
And you stand a chance to be on air as an audience. haha
Well, audition was great, I was the last one to go up.
Producer said it was very good. I need a costume now for my performance.
Any suggestions?



I have this kei tak sek voucher since last year.
Tried to use it in ss2 but they said it's only for 1u branch. @#$%$%^
see the expiry date - 29th Feb which is tomorrow.
wanted to use it today but it was closed, wt@#%$@%$
there goes my money! I bought that voucher you know! ):

My voucher

KTZ 1u

so called annual dinner! $%^$%&

Went to Toy r us' to get a rubiks cube for a friend.
Saw a bunch of 2 x 2 rubiks on the shelf!
Grabbed it right away. weeeee
I think it's harder than a 3 x 3 cube.

my cube collection

my new 2 x 2.
bokeh shot

Thank you for reading.