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Warning : Technical Aircraft Contents

I was attached to the Production Planning and Control Department for training.
1st and 2nd day were pretty much boring because we were in the Production office.
Basically we sat in the office, attend briefings, observed, observed and observed.

The 3rd and 4th day were quite fun because I was attached to the Hangar Production Line.
And to my surprise, I was chosen to go to Line 6 - Boeing 737 Base Maintenance. My cousin is the Aircraft Engineer there, so he took me to explore the aircraft.
Besides that, for the pass 2 days, I stayed in MAS for 12 hours. 8am to 8pm.
Great working experience, lots more to learn.
Well, for my line we had M A S 7 3 7 - 4 0 0 and I n d o n e s i a A i r A s i a 7 3 7 - 3 0 0.
Participated in several routine checks. This include Forward Door Assembly Adjustments, Placard installation etc.

The best part was to perform a Functional Check of the D e n y button in the
F l i g h t D e c k A c c e s s S y s t e m.

Why is it fun? You get to sit in the cockpit for hours, test the lock buttons for hours
and actually understand how the Deny function works for the C o c k p i t Door.

A wants to enter, he have to key in an access code and the p i l o t will have to either unlock the door or deny it. A will not be able to key in the access code within 30mins if the pilot denies.

So fun, totally rules over what you are doing right now. haha

Thank you for reading.