Last week

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This will be the best news I had last week.
I got my results back and I passed all the exams.
I was very very happy.
Bare in mind our passing mark is 75 and above, it's already a distinction.
Felt sorry for the one who didn't pass, 56 of them did not get through Air Law.

Yes! Got through Category A.
Next will be Category B - Certifying Aircraft Engineer.
My official Cat A applet, only 1 bar. haha

Went to 1 Utama to support my cousin in the Samurai Sudoku Challenge.
She represented Selangor and yes she won the Malaysia Title.
Prizes were awesome - RM5000 cash, trip to Japan etc.

Samurai Sudoku challenge consists of 5 puzzles.
Maximum time was 45 minutes, she completed it within 14 minutes in the Finals.

Top view of all contestants.

Went to Kluang Station for lunch with my mum.
Ordered Chicken Chop!

Bought a dozen of Big Apple's donuts.
Alien Vs Predator flavor was delicious. Durian flavor was so so..

Half Dozen

1 dozen

Went to Astro Broadcasting Centre.
Was invited to be the Audience for the series 'Perspektif Kita'
Astro Awani Channel 123
Sat there and listened for the entire episode, didn't participate because I'm can't speak good Bahasa.
But you will be able to see my face next Saturday 9pm Channel 123
Stay tune...hehe

Dimi viewed my blog from his k810i.

insert - my blog pic


Went to Carls Junior for lunch with METC gang.
I had Carls Fish catch, it was huge.

Visited 牛车水 Niu Zhe Xiu (NZX)
The new upcoming Singapore Street style shopping complex in Kelana Jaya.
A lot of new shops.
Can say a higher class of Petaling Street with air cond.
Great place to hang out.

Went to McD Sunway Pyramid for Prosumer Gathering.
Haha, took some photos.

4 Prosumers, 4 YYF 888 yoyo

Went for YoYo Meeting.
Discussed about Malaysian YoYo Championship 2008.
I am one of the Organizing Chairperson for this year's big event.

2 more weeks? haha.

Thank you for reading.