Day 4 - Beijing China

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Day 4 - Good Bye China

Last day in Beijing, didn't know where to go.
No tour guides, no map, and not enough time to explore.

10 am - took our last China's hotel breakfast.
I was getting used to it, quite nice after eating a few times.

Yummmmy at last.

After breakfast, it's time to say good bye to the Singaporeans as their flight was at 1pm and they have to be there early to check in.

Last Group photo in the lobby
Nice people to hang out with..

We didn't know where to go,
so we decided to go BACK to the same shopping complex for the 4th time in 4 days to buy souvenirs.
Laugh out Loud.

Took a panorama shot.
I was told that it was Asia's Largest shopping complex.

Apart from that, we went back to the same Toy Shop
Estimated amount - 8 of us spent in this shop is around 5 k ++ rmb
Spent most of our money on yoyos.
Typical YoYo Players.

Group photo with them.

Did some souvenir shopping after that before heading back to the hotel.
All original souvenirs, didn't get to buy any cheap souvenirs. haha

Took a cab back to the hotel to get our luggage, and straight to the airport.
Flight was at 4pm, reached KL at 11pm

Flight delayed for 1 hour, took our my cam to play.

on the way back, I watched Secret again on the flight.
haha, good movie.

Reached KLIA at 11pm - Luggage delayed, took out my cam to play again.

Me posing with the mock cheque again

and my trophy

That's all about Beijing, China.
Overall Great trip, wonderful experience, met new friends.

Beijing RULES!!!

Thank you for reading.