Day 3 Beijing China

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Day 3 is the most important day because it is the competition day.

Started off the day by waking up early at 6am to practice my freestyle with my room-mate Raymond.

Really practice hard, kept repeating my routine over and over again.
I brought along my speakers and mp3 to Blast my freestyle song.
This is what hardcore players do before the competition.

Off to the shopping mall at 10am

Before the contest, we had some coffee.
Damn nervous, so many people watching.
Asia Challenge some more, don't play play

left to right:
my mocha, Raymond's espresso, Seng's solo espresso (haha)

My 1 minute Qualifying round

I did quite well, was very happy I got 2nd for Qualifying Round

Then, we took our lunch in the food court.
sponsored by Auldey.
Thank You Auldey

My Chicken Combo Set. LOL

Then, it is the 3 minute Finals.
I am the 5th one to go up, scary.

Awesome LCD screens beside the stage

We were all relieved after the contest.
Went to McD to chill.
Very stressful okay.. haha..

Took McDeluxe with Guava Prosperity

and pooof, it's the Results.
Prize giving ceremony, what we have been waiting for.

1st - Lee Kin Lok (Hong Kong)
2nd - Ewin Ee Yong Hua (M'sia)

3rd - Lee Dong Hoon (Korea)

and yeah that's me receiving the mock cheque
I was freaking happy, was stunned too.
It was the biggest achievement, I was so happy at that time.

Emcee asked me to say a few words, I was speechless so I said :



Team SMS - South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore

Group photo with the judges from Hong Kong, Korea and China

It was really a wonderful day,
celebrated our victory in a Super High Class Restaurant.

Great food

Tong Pou Yok

Pork, Pork, Pork

Tou Fu

and Beijing beer, I'm not good in drinking
but we had fun drinking it.

Went back to the Hotel and we drink again.
16 cans

In this 3 days, I've met lots of people.
Lots of new friends around Asia.

Had a great time translating Chinese to the Philipines too


Stay tune for Day 4 - bye bye Beijing

Thank you for reading.