Day 2 Tian An Men

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Woke up very early on Day 2 because we wanted to catch a glimpse of the Flag raising ceremony.
The flag is raised every morning just before the sunrise.

The subway counter - only 2 RMB to travel from the 1st stop to the last stop.
That is so cool, so cheap.

This is just 1 line of their subway

They even have the time duration from 1 station to the next.
Very accurate

The packed subway

weeee Tian An Men West station

Flag raising ceremony

truly amazing

In front of the main entrance

Mao Zedong :
Leader of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from its establishment in 1949

Forbidden city - can be known as world's largest surviving palace complex,
consists of 980 buildings !!!!!!

so after walking a few kilometers into the Forbidden city,
we reached a part where we have to pay to go further in.
so we payed 40rmb to Walk more.
hahaha, it is really tiring.
The area of the city is so big, so many gates to walk through

Group photo!

This is near to the King palace.

Toilet photo - Willie (Singapore), Lee Dong Hyun (Korea) and me

The river - freezing ice

I love to take 10 sec self timer photo.

Time to take a rest. 10 sec photo

We survived walking the Forbidden City

That's a long post...

to be continued

Thank you for reading.