Day 2 Part 2 BeiJing China

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Part 2 of Day 2

After visiting the Forbidden City, we walked again.
This time we got lost, we kept asking for directions to go to Gu Lou.
We were so tired by the time we reached our next destination, which is the restaurant.
Took us around 1 hour to walk from Tian An Men to the restaurant.
Took our brunch - breakfast + lunch.

The traditional Chinese restaurant

Side view

and how can you go to China without eating the Peking Duck.

Cold vegetable with peanuts

The fruit candy

After our brunch, we decided to take a ride on the trishaw.
Reached there, starting price was 200 rmb for 1 hour ride.
bargained - 100 rmb
bargained till 50 rmb per person
took 3 trishaws - total 6 people
and their so called '1 hour' ride turned out to be 10 mins.
some more gave them Tips.
At the end they dropped us at the road side where we have to cross the bridge and walk to the subway station.

well, great experience anyway.

The ride

Took us to this place where we have to pay again to go in.

BeiJing is a nice place - way better than what I expected
Highway - very systematic

Their standard of living is increasing.

After that, we took the subway and cab back to our shopping mall to see the 1A preliminaries

Top superstars in China.
The series Blazing Teens is so popular now, even in Malaysia.
Blazing Teens 2 will be aired soon. woohooo
YoYo RoxX

After the contest, we went for dinner.
Steamboat time!

my Chicken fillets

and I ordered apple Juice, but it turned out to be F & N apple

That's all for Day 2
Stay tune for Day 3 - The ULTIMATE contest day for us

Thank you for reading.